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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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network. >> you have raised a lot of money over the years. a round of applause for the pancake. beautiful job. [ cheers and applause ] new york city. everybody, come back for seconds. that's all. >> thanks for join us. join for the "after the show show." bill: it's another critical primary day and the stake are high as voters head to the polls in four state. you have 150 delegates for grabs. 59 in michigan. 42 in idaho and 19 in hawaii. martha: here is what we have got. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich crisscrossing the country making their final pitches before the big night. there are indications trump's lead is shrinking a bit in
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michigan. >> raise your right hand. do you swear you are going to vote for donald trump tomorrow. raise your hand. >> if i'm your nominee i will unite this party. this party is fractured. >> every state is critical. we are working to win the vote of the men and women in he state. we have a tremendous grass root team on the ground in michigan. but at the end of the day it will be up to the voters. >> the country is not going to just listen to what michigan has to say. i promise you the world will listen to what michigan has to say. if you want constructive, positive, vision, record, bringing together and solving the problems in this country i would ask you sincerely, give me that vote and the world will hear it.
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martha: we have team fox coverage for you, chris stirewalt anding by with his in-depth analysis. peter, who are the voters talking the most about as they head to the polls there? reporter: there are two candidate with big picture of their faces on the news today. trump and kasich. kasich has been spending a ton of time in michigan. he has been making jokes about the michigan-ohio state rivalry. trump is still in the lead in the most recent michigan polls and isn't just showering attention on the voters here. he's tailoring his final pitch in all the state making sure to mention mississippi, idaho and
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hawaii, too. >> i have been fighting hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country. they are going to be made in our country. >> we have idaho, we love idaho potatoes. who doesn't have potatoes from idaho. we have mississippi which i'm there a lot actually. do we love mississippi? reporter: ted cruz is calling out all the non-cruz candidate just for staying in the race. >> a vote for marco rubio or john kasich is a vote for donald trump. there is only one candidate who has repeatedly beaten donald trump. reporter: a new robocall by mitt romney going out to voters today is urging anybody to vote for
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anybody except for donald trump. they say that's not an endorsement of rubio byrum any, it's just part of his plan to undermine the businessman. martha: we have democratic primaries tonight. michigan and mississippi will vote. what did mississippi do in term of voters in michigan. >> she pitched free college. >> i call it the new college compact because everybody is going to have to do their part. i want debt-free tuition. you will never have tomoney to c college or university. reporter: don't count senator sanders out. he has drawn enormous crowd.
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>> we'll talk more about that coming up. peter, thank you. today sees yet again -- all about trump. and here is why. some suggest he's losing altitude. today will tell us if that is true. reporter: he lost a little altitude as you were all bringing america the news. he lost a little altitude over the weekend. it's delegates that matter. trump had been doing better than 40%, 44%. over the weekend he did 31%. and what he need to do is 60% in order to capture the no nation outright. if he doesn't get the 1,237 delegates he need he will go into a contested convention with a party that substantially dislikes him and it would be
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hard to use his plurality to get to the nomination. mississippi is trump country times 8. look how well he did in alabama. idaho very, very conservative. should be good for cruz and rubio but mostly for cruz. rubio does great in hawaii. michigan, if there is a state that should prove the right test of donald trump it's michigan. you have a lot of the down scale blue collar white diseffected voters. you heard them cheering when they talked about bringing the auto industry down and calling for a trade war. that's music to the ears of those guys. and it should be good for cruz, kasich trying to drive the lane down the middle. watch it. >> a victory for trump. john kasich needs this state.
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maybe not as much as as ohio. but what is on the line today. >> he has to hold trump down. donald trump winning here, mitt romney was essentially a two-man race and he pulled out a squeaker over rick santorum. it was enough to pull him forward into the inevitability category. but today a squeaker doesn't do it. he needs to demonstrate he can elevate and go back to what he was doing in the beginning winning 20 points. he needs to stop john kasich here. kasich gets close. it bolsters his argument he will win in his home state and deny trump a path to the nomination. bill: rubio won puerto rico on sunday. the minimum vote needed for
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delegates. what is eating at his campaign, chris? reporter: he has struggled with the gaining of 8 immigration bill which has continued to haunt him. rubio took such a pacing and brutal punishing by jeb bush that by the type he was able to turn and face donald trump he had had a hit from bush and the super pac. for rubio, maybe you get a win in hawaii and idaho. but what you are really focusing on is an all-out blitz. and you are heading to the 15th, which is a make or breaker. he's looking at the i-4 corridor. he's not looking up the expressway. bill: see you later tonight in the big city.
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chris stirewalt in person in washington, d.c. martha: you want to count on fox news for your complete coverage of the primaries and caucuses. megyn and bret will host on the fox news channel. in the meantime we want to introduce information. funeral arrangements are being set for former first lady nancy reagan. she'll lay in repose tomorrow and thursday before being you are aboutived friday at the reagan library in simi valley, california next her husband. adam, what do you know this morning from there? >> today is preparation day at the reagan library. wednesday and thursday will be a day the public can pay their respects. we'll give you more details about that in a moment. people are paying their respects
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and have been since the news came. if you drive to simi valley it's a gorgeous location on top of the hill. but down believe the sign that says the presidential library is adorned with flowers and wreaths and mementos. people are paying their respects to the former first lady. we had a chance to catch up with and ask them. they came here nearly 12 years ago to pay their respected to the former president ronald reagan and many say they will do the same for the former first lady. >> we came here for reagan when he passed away. we came in the middle of the night and waited in line to pay our respected to reagan. i would love to do the same for nancy. >> it's a great loss. if so many people could be that way, we would all have a better
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world. >> here is what the plan is. tomorrow is 1:00 eastern, 10:00, the procession from the funeral home. 35-40 miles, our location here. 2:00 p.m. eastern. in the front lobby for the private service. then after the private service is done. thursday we'll have viewing and then again about 1,000 people along with the first lady. martha: an important moment for our country. bill: the republican voter turnout is through the roof. >> this is the biggest story in politics worldwide. this is such a great thing for the republican party, instead of dividing and fighting, we should
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>> one of the biggest stories in all of politics worldwide for decades is what's happened with the republican party. people coming to vote are up 50, 60, 70%? i will take full credit for that, by the way. i'll take 100% credit. bill: donald trump is arguing if you try to derail him, the new voters will be turned off. but the anti-trump forces on the republican side launching a $10 million campaign to stop trump. gentlemen, good day to both of you. i want to go through the romney stuff first.
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$10 million in illinois. how smart is this? will it work? >> one of the things about this strange race is donald trump has been the frontrunner for months and months a and hasn't -- and hasn't had a sustained advertising assault against him. now you are seeing it come online. maybe trump goes on the waive he has. but a -- goes on the way he is. bill: does this work or not? >> i definitely want to spend part of my summer in cleveland. this republican convention is going to be fantastic. all this money against trump seems to be knocking him down in the polls. the problem is the republican party can't consolidate against one person.
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we all know one person if it's cruz or rubio would beat trump. they have to consolidate around somebody and they are not doing it. bill: you will find out if you get the drama in cleveland. you will for certain know a week from today if that's going to happen. marco rubio is getting support from marco rubio saying vote for anybody but donald trump. is there evidence yet that romney's offensive that started last thursday having an effect? >> not specifically. but i think it's part of this broader case against trump and mitt has put his shoulder to that wheel. all things considered i think he favors rubio over the other non-trump candidates. but his official position is i want to help all of them. rubio needs all the help he can possibly get.
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he had about the worst week of his public life so far. the next week is can he recover enough to get over the top in florida. bill: matthew, how would you answer that? >> i don't think romney by himself is helping the anti-trump cause. but i do believe all this advertising against trump does hurt. there is no question, rich agrees with me, donald trump has never cared about the people he claims to care about now. he claims to be the world's greatest salesman, that may be true. he's selling something to the republican voters. you have john kasich who i believe can win a general election against hillary. john kasich could win. he's right there. every once in a while in the debates he gets a couple questions. bill: rich, you say kasich and
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his resurgence has been amazing, how? >> just left for dead multiple times, really not a factor and most of these states. but he stayed on the stage. he's projected himself as the adult in the room. no one has bothered to attack him. now there are signs of a surge in michigan. bill: he's second place in new hampshire it's not going to kit. >> there are signs of a surge in michigan and next week is ohio. he wins ohio and he stays in the race and it makes it that much less likely donald trump can get to the magic number. martha: tensions are flaring in korea. new threats from the north and new sanctions from the south. ambassador bolton joins us next with what's next in this hot and
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bill: a passenger trail derails in northern california. apparently the train was hit by a falling tree. passengers said they did not know what was happening. >> it was scary. we weren't quite sure what was going to happen. once we finally stopped and were upright we looked around and
6:25 am
asked each other, are you okay? >> police say it was a miracle no one was killed. martha: there are rising tensions between north and south korea. the south claiming new sanctions against the north for its rocket launch. and there are accusations that the north hacked into phones. ambassador john bolton is with us. there is so much focus on the election. but we need to pay attention to what's going on in some these hotpots around the world. why should everybody understand what's going on in north korea. >> this is very serious because this attitude that north korea
6:26 am
is displaying, disdain for u.s. sanctions and continuing to make the kind of threats it's famous for. they are to put them own ballistic missiles to hit u.s. targets in the future. south korean defense people believe that. unfortunately for seven years north korea has almost been off our radar screen. martha: if they are able to miniaturize the weapons to threaten the united states, how can we top them? >> in their twisted view of the world you better take them seriously. i think the only long-term answer here is to convince china to abandon the schizophrenic policy it pursued.
6:27 am
they have not taken the steps they can take to make the north korean regime back off this. there is one other threat element as well. since 1998, korea and iran have cooperated on their ballistic missile programs. there is he reason to believe they are cooperating on the nuclear programs as well. we think we have a deal with iran to stop their nuclear program, don't count on it. martha: it used to be they would fire off a missile and test something they weren't supposed to test. is he a different guy? >> i think in some senses he may be worse. he's younger at the time he assumed power. at least his grandfather went through a tough campaign and had
6:28 am
some sort of realism. but kim jong-un lives in such a bubble, i think his lack of understanding of the wider world increases the risk of irrational across on their part. south korea and japan. they are worried about the nuclear threats, they could be target. and i think it's a mistake because to think thing aren't happening that we can ignore north korea. it's a big mistake. martha: ambassador, good to see you, thank you very much. bill: police find a 15-foot tree coming out of his car. >> to you a the folk at home who are donald trump supporters who are furious with washington. i get that.
6:29 am
but donald has been finding and supporting everything you are furious about.
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more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at martha: the senate armed services committee just getting under way. the chairman of that committee senator john mccain is overseeing event there. there will be news coming out of that and we'll bring you that as soon as it gets under way. bill: primary day. we have four states. it's not winner-take-all. but if a candidate gets to 50% you win 56 of the 59. it's practically winner take all. this is mccomb county, reagan
6:33 am
democrats. mississippi in the southeast. mississippi 50% minimum threshold. it's been trump down in arkansas and louisiana. trump had the state surrounded so far. we'll see with the 40 delegates what happens there. 15% minimum threshold. one of my favorite states in all of america. 32 delegates up for grabs. minimum threshold is 20% of the vote. at 1:00 in the morning, mccallum and i will be watching the 19 delegates at stake. delegate math right now, this is what matters.
6:34 am
1,237. trump is 384. cruz 84 behind at 300. rubio at 151 and kasich feels it's his time at 37. that's where we are. martha: ted cruz is looking to close that gap with donald trump. he's 300 delegates away from mr. trump at this time. as bill just showed us, he's down to 84 delegates apart. last night mississippi governor bill bryant threw his support behind the texas senator. there is the primary in mississippi. and endorsements could be in the works. ron, good to have you back on the program this morning.
6:35 am
is that an endorsement coming ted cruz's way? >> we have the endorsement of the governor of mississippi. it's so exciting within the cruz campaign because we have so much momentum that has come together since the decisive victories and gaining even more delegates. and the number one gainer of delegates. the energy in the houston campaign headquarters. this campaign has more momentum right now than at any time that it's had. it will be us or donald trump at the convention and further endorsements have been coming in and more to come. martha: governor endorsements have not worked out that well in many of these states. but i know you are hoping that will be a different case in mississippi tonight.
6:36 am
donald trump, and believing he's not the outsider he portrays himself to be. >> donald trump is not an outsider. he's pretending to be taken outsider. but in donald's own words, 7 months ago he was the establishment. donald trump has been supporting the washington establishment, the washington corruption for four decades. >> that doesn't seem to matter with trump supporters. they seem to go along with him pretty much on whatever he says. if he says he wants to maintain certain elements of healthcare, he wants to go along with that. so is this going to get any traction for senator cruz? >> i think one thing is clear. when people make their initial choice or assessment it's based on the information they have at the time. a campaign is an educational process as well as the vetting process, and as people plern more and more about who donald trump is, how can you say you
6:37 am
are the outsider when you are sending handwritten notes to nancy pelosi about taking control of congress as speaker. martha: he would say he was a businessman back then and it worked to his benefit to befriend people on both sides of the aisle. >> you can't say that you are a businessman who is an outsider and has nothing to do with washington. when you are writing checks to support the gaining of eight and at the same time senator cruz was standing up fighting him, donald trump was writing checks to candidates who support amnesty. this house of cards donald trump has created is starting to collapse. martha: there is no doubt your campaign has been very effective on the ground, and you guys closed the gap with donald trump in a number of impressive
6:38 am
performances in these primaries. but a lot of people say you have don't in territory favorable to you. when we look ahead to michigan and ohio and florida he may become not the big story coming out of those states and that could be hurtful. >> every time they lose bad lire they come in third or fourth or whatever. they always have the same comeback. no, no, the math look forward is better for us. and that doesn't hold through. we heard ruse is a regional candidate. so there is a lot of spin. martha: marco rubio was listing a number of names in the republican party and one of the names he listed was ted cruz.
6:39 am
are there conversations going on behind the scenes between these candidates to figure out some kind of arrangement so it's one-on-one? >> ted cruz is running for president. the others are competitors and we are out there to win to get the delegates we need to nominate ted cruz to become the next president of the united states. that's our objective. and nothing else is more important. we are going to pick if you more delegates today and then we move further on to the nomination. there will always be speculation in any type of race like this. but our objective is to win the vase outright. we want the voters to decide the outcome. we want the vote toarls choose senator cruz. martha: the brokered convention idea not popular with donald trump or ted cruz they want to
6:40 am
walk into that convention with the whole thing with the wind at their back. marco rubio and john kasich angling that wouldn't be such a bad thing. kasich said he thought it would be exciting to have a brokered convention. >> this is the pipe dream for reporters every four years. michael barone -- it was born out after time where you had to talk to people face to face. now with technology that's been removed. i will say this. we were here late saturday. nobody knows the outcome of these races. that's where the drama is. as you will find out tonight in prime time. hoik faces some tough questions in the fox news democratic town hall from detroit last night. >> i said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal email. nothing i sent was marked classified or that i received was marked classified.
6:41 am
>> she says nothing sent or received was marked classified. is that a legitimate defense? lanny davis will lay it on the line next live. tennis star mara sharapova losing support this morning after a stunning admission. >> i just failed a test and i take full responsibility for it. i have been legally taking the medicine for the past 10 years. the rules have changed which i had not known. my mom loves giving me advice. she even gives me advice...
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with extraordinary offersmance on the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. bill: bret baier had some questions for the democratic frontrunner asking questions about emails on her private server. bret: you said in 2015, i did
6:45 am
not send any classified teams. is that accurate in. >> the state department has a process for determine was or isn't classified. if they determine it is, they marked it as classified because it's a fact. knowing sent or received was marked classified. bill: lanny davis former special counsel to the clinton it's like a tennis ball going against the wall. when she took the job as secretary of state, you know she signed an oath. in that oath whether classified or not, this admission could lead to criminal prosecution. so she knew from day one private server, emails back and forth, what the outcome could be. your defense on that is what?
6:46 am
>> justice hemmer, "could lead" about somebody possibly being a criminal. i would suggest you say the facts need to be determined before. i will speculate about criminal charges. fact one, secretary powell, secretary rice and hillary clinton retroactively years later documents emails which secretary powell uses an private account. secretary powell said that's ridiculous. hillary clinton said any email i received or forward was not classified. bill: i understand the defense you are making, but colin powell is not running for president. as i understand it, nothing is marked classified.
6:47 am
it might be top secret but not classified. >> whatever the level of classification, it has to be marked. the only difference between colin powell and condoleezza rice and hillary clinton on the issue you asked me about, could be prosecuted. is none of them could be prosecuted because the law says the document has to be labeled classified, then there is a classified process, i sent you a "newsweek" column that explains that. but republicans don't mention neither did bret, do you have any difference between yourself and colin powell? he didn't ask that question. bill: four of these 22 emails are ables s.o.p. which means they are too secret for the f.b.i. agents to right, too secret for the members of congress to view of it. it's drone information. information about moles working
6:48 am
in other countries. this is the top of the me when it comes to our national secrets. >> what does s.a.p. stand for. bill: do you believe negligence is part of the law. >> negligence is not part of the law. >> negligence is not part of the law. you referred to one. let's refer to that one on drones. she forwarded a "new york times" published article. two or three years later the overclassification mindset of certain people classified an article published in the "new york times." i don't know what you mean by s.a.p., by the am not a classified document if it says s.a.p. if you are questioning judgment of colin powell, condoleezza rice and hillary clinton, you can disagree with that but don't
6:49 am
say it could lead to criminal behavior. bill: reading from judge napolitano piece. s.a.p. is a category of top secret and constitutes the highest level of secrecy for the utmost protection of the government's greatest secrets. that's s.a.p. >> well if that's s.a.p., it's not classified. i never heard until this moment that there was any problem with any email being labeled contrary to our classified system. bill: it's unheard of -- >> why didn't you ask this about colin powell. bill: it's unheard of for s.a.p. data to reside in an unsecured vulnerable venue which is where clinton caused four s.a.p. emails to reside. >> the double standard referring to hillary clinton hearing about
6:50 am
an s.a.p. classified document years later labeled and you don't mention condoleezza rice and colin powell, i respectfully submit it's a double standard. bill: the general said the russians were able to get access to that unclassified server. we'll talk soon, sir. martha: this is stunning news. former president jimmy carter made a surprise announcement about his battle with cancer. going from what appeared to be a terminal condition to now saying he is cured and no longer needs any treatment. what did he do, how did he turn this around? the doctor joins us next.
6:51 am
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botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. martha: jipy carter revealing he no longer need any treatment for his melanoma cancer. this announcement comes less than 7 months before he came before the cameras and all of america and said he had been diagnosed with a melanoma that had spread to hayes brain. it looked like his prospected were quite dire. he went on treatment and now he's cured. let's learn more about this promising treatment. dr. david siegel, good to have you here today. is it right to say that when he first announced this it looked like his prospected per dim?
6:55 am
>> the news we received, you are right. it came from a news conference. he revealed he had cancer that spread involving his liver and brain. that's a grim prognosis advance stage. the information regarding his care ways we have in the public domain. he received surgery in his liver. he received radiation for the treatment in his brain. the therapy for the rest of his body which has been immune therapy, a medicine used to boost his immune system. he announced that he no longer needs that therapy because there is no evidence of cancer. martha: that's katruda? >> it's a drug approved a year
6:56 am
ago for the treatment of melanoma and lounge cancer. one of two drugs on the market and recently kidney cancer. martha: this drug basically allows your own immune system to attack the cancer cells, correct? >> an easy way to think about this. our immune systems have brakes on them that prevent them from doing what they need to do to fight the drugs. these drugs allow the immune systems to wake up to fight the cancer. martha: this is truly promising. would you say this is a gape changer? >> it's an exciting time for cancer treatment. martha: thank you so much, doctor. we hope it's true and hope for more stories like this to come. bill: voters heading to the polls in four state. who has the most at stake on this primary day.
6:57 am
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>> voters head to the polls with four stake upper grades including michigan. the big test in the midwest. good morning, a brand-new our america's news room. connell: we are good at that, rhyming. martha: it was so long ago i can't remember. bill: they claim they're in the best position to stop donald trump. >> let me speak to the men and women of michigan who don't want to see donald trump as the nominee but have not decided who to vote for. if you vote for anyone else, a vote for john kasich or marco rubio, it is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or donald truce is a vote for
7:01 am
donald trump. i'm the only one with any chance of beating donald trump. you don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee you have to vote for marco rubio. bill: john roberts watched the ted cruz campaign in charlotte, n.c.. good morning. >> reporter: hannah nascar plaza ted cruz is in north carolina looking ahead to the contest on the fifteenth. today is a big test of the stop trump movement with the exception of john kasich whose campaign is sweetness and light, everyone else including mitt romney had it in antitrust robot calls to take donald trump down no reliable polling in hawaii and ongoing into today, donald trump leading in mississippi and michigan, continuing to mach marco rubio and ted cruz, to dishonest or too week to be the nominee. >> he puts it down and starts lying. i call him lying ted cruz.
7:02 am
he is not a good liar because you catch him lying all the time. that we have little marco rubio. i thought honestly, i thought he was going to fade and. are was going to grab him to show him how strong that hand is. i was going to say marco, i won't let you fall, don't want you to get hurt. >> reporter: ted cruz makes the kids the he is a candidate the republican party should coalesce around. for a year in our he has been making the case that the party will not win unless it nominee it's a strong conservative rather than some wishy-washy moderate. >> the voters have not supported the candidate for the washington establishment. they want someone who will stand up to washington. to the career politicians in both parties and stand with the american people. >> reporter: today is an election day, the real days next week when the ohio and florida
7:03 am
are a grabs. there have been recent polls that suggest marco rubio is finally beginning to close the gap on donald trump in florida. bill: what about the brokered convention? >> reporter: we hear from the marco rubio campaign that they would like to have a brokered convention but ted cruz is talking about this saying if the will of the american peter is awarded at a brokered convention there could be an all out revolt in the republican party. he is suggesting not only does he not think it will happen but it would be a very bad idea. bill: charlotte, n.c.. martha: donald trump leads the cheese for delegates, ted cruz hot on his heels. there is a look at a delegate count, 80 points apart, marco rubio at 151, john kasich at 37. he believes he will do well in michigan. you have 1237 needed to secure the republican nomination. tucker carlson of the dili
7:04 am
caller on fox and friends weekend and fox news contributor back in america. good morning. it's pretty amazing when you look at this. who would have ever thought this is where we would be, donald trump in the first spot, a populist candidate appealing to a lot of people. ted cruz and marco rubio, both born out of the tea party and really believes the gop establishment with the exception of john kasich, the label doesn't fit in either, the rest of is in the dust. i remember jeb bush being accused of being sleeping on the stage and in many ways that is an accurate look at the entire part of the party. >> the establishment loss. marco rubio, john kasich will not be the republican nominees. the nominee will be the guy with the most delegates. there is no other way to do it. nothing else will happen other than that. to pretend otherwise is delusional and reckless and stupid.
7:05 am
this didn't need to happen. if republican donors and republicans in washington looked at donald trump six months ago and said there's something to learn your and adjusted their message a little bit, not that his populists but just send all our decisions will be based on what is good for america, control our borders like a real country does, that immigration policy that is good for us, treated policy that is good for us and apologize for the iraq war and promised never to do that again. that is not have the list. ted cruz did that. ted cruz, one reason he may wind up being the nominee is he didn't have to destroy trump. he looked at trump and said what is the secret sauce? shi'ite and do that and he did, he changed his message little bit, not that much but a little bit and it worked. bill: is so interesting and it makes so much sense in terms of what was out there. donald trump saw it and seized on it. i know what americans are bummed out about, these are the things that bothered them and if i'd take this ball and run with it
7:06 am
could work for me really well. to the other side, the side that says we heard from john roberts. they may circle back and said we need to rethink this. >> maybe. is too late. marco rubio is a fantastic candidate, smart and witty and appealing and handsome. the problem is not his campaign but his message. voters don't agree with his message. donald trump is not a good candidate, he is undisciplined, folder, spends too much time attacking people. the only thing he has going is people agree with his message. they think america, the u.s. government should act on behalf of the u.s. population. somehow in washington, that message has not penetrated. people have never been to a trump rally or understand what is about. they think it is his bulgarian and over-the-top the tricks that
7:07 am
making him of thriller. that is why marco rubio says i can be rude too. the message is working. martha: now you have all this money scrambling to get around republican cited the will do all these anti trump ads in florida and ohio. will that be effective or are they throwing their money down the drain? >> it will create more chaos and make it much more easy for hillary clinton to become president. of republicans in washington are rooting for hillary clinton. they disagree with her more on the issues. that is what we learned. i don't think trump has a lock on the nomination. it could be ted cruz. this is reality, not opinion. the person with the most delegates will be the nominee. it won't be possible to say more people voted i am the nominee. bill: to the net a don't get 1237. >> it is not the majority but a plurality, who has the most, the guy with the most delegates as
7:08 am
the claim on the nomination. winning your own state whether it is a high 00 florida is not enough to get the nomination. you have to win the most. wake up, washington. this is in sync reckless to pretend otherwise. martha: tucker carlsson back in town, good to see you, see you soon. bill: on the screen behind us look at michigan. i am looking at three candidates tonight. donald trump, the birthplace of the reagan democrats 1984. we will see how that goes. in monroe county john kasich spend a lot of time in michigan. he was just here yesterday. the state of ohio, lucas county, toledo, you get a tv marker from ohio as well in that county. in the west, kent county, gerald ford republicans, if ted cruz has a good day they would likely drive up numbers there in the western part of the state of michigan. just talking with tucker about ted cruz.
7:09 am
where has he done well? the center of the country, his home state of texas, ted cruz in oklahoma, then he pulled the trick in nebraska, kansas, when the whole contest began in iowa ted cruz was the winner there as well. over the next seven days you hear a lot of talk about missouri from ted cruz. maybe, maybe, we will see, that is the way he is cutting his swath in the central part of the country. as for donald trump footwear he has done well. in kentucky, a big winner there, just a few days ago, down here in tennessee, the extent of that into alabama. the state of georgia, two weeks ago south carolina. we will get a sense of north carolina week from today. north carolina is the same day as missouri and illinois and ohio and florida. we are getting that close.
7:10 am
martha: keep ear for the latest information on tonight's primaries and caucuses. megyn kelly and bret baier will be on the air as the result come in, four state governor's, coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. she here on fox news channel. bill: any predictions? keeping your power draw i? martha: i will keep her daughter drivable we will do exit polls, we don't have any saturday. bill: all eyes on supertuesday, the winners take all states, florida and ohio. the critical battlegrounds states, we will show you where we think we are. martha: the rubio campaign firing at back after reports that he would exit before florida. a state that is absolutely not the case. we will speak to his campaign in
7:11 am
a few minutes. bill: peyton manning has called a career. no. 18 after 18 seasons in the nfl, will retire and he has a long list of things he will miss on sunday. >> after a big win, teammate standing in the aisles celebrating.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
martha: four states tonight and after tonight week from supertuesday, the sequel, several delegates rich states will be up for grabs including ohio, the big state of ohio where governor john kasich very much hopes he can be in in his home state to keep his campaign alive. donald trump leads, but a latest poll, he is close on his heels, the 35-38 in the latest poll. we don't look at polls for the state there going today. here is florida, 38 for donald trump, 30 for marco rubio. in monmouth university, you can see a battle for marco rubio on his home turf to to get all their. those are winner-take-all states, 100 delegates each so you have a big prize for the person who can dig that home. look into the crystal ball with us, director of center of politics at the university of
7:16 am
virginia, good to have you with us. let's start with tonight. john kasich has been trying to downplay expectations that he feels good, he says we believe we will do well in michigan. he wants to be the story, the headline out of michigan. is that possible for him? >> it is possible if he does better than expected in michigan. john kasich has a midwestern strategy. he has been telling us he could be the strongest in the midwest and he also wants to do better than expected this week so that he does indeed carry his home state of ohio which is essential. i don't want to argue with bill. he wants to call it supertuesday but next tuesday should be called titanic tuesday because there is a good chance one or more candidates, like the ship, will sink beneath the waves without a trace. martha: marco rubio is trying hard to stay in this fight and wants to win florida to put himself back on the map nba come
7:17 am
back kid or whatever you want to call it. what do you think? >> he has to win florida like john kasich has to win ohio but you can't win your home state you have no justification to stay in. not just the polls but other soundings, i was just down in south florida, other certains suggests it is still competitive. this is not over. we have a tendency to want to pull down the curtain before the play is over. it is competitive in florida, competitive in ohio, these things are not done until they are done. today i think it is less intense. i will be surprised if trump doesn't win both michigan and mississippi because the constituencies suggest he should. martha: the washington post did some polls that show that trump has lost some of his support, 37 in january to 34% across-the-board with republicans during that time
7:18 am
period so as these releases are happening in seems like it is narrowing of debt. do you see that as significant or just people paying more attention? >> it is one pole. i never overreact to one poll. i want to see it confirmed by other polling organizations. martha: some may say -- some might say on supertuesday the stakes are closer and people thought and same thing happened saturday night. when you put all of that together the question is do you see a dent in trump, the trump phenomenon? is it showing in the voting there's anything different than people thought going in? >> that could be going on. we will know more tonight because it could happen in michigan. it could happen in mississippi
7:19 am
that trump does win but doesn't do as well as expected. we can all see what is happening. the forces opposed to donald trump have finally awakened from a long slumber and they are gathering their forces and their money and their troops and focusing in on donald trump now at this is the greatest test over the next several weeks. >> a couple packs are doing millions of dollars a bad in florida, providing surround sound for the people of florida. that will be a comfortable experience over the next couple days. >> if i could add one more thing. i was in tampa for two days working on something, i had a chance to watch because of election returns, i saw at a minimum three or four dozen pro marco rubio and type trump advertisements. i did not see one ad for trump,
7:20 am
nothing could ted cruz. these things make a difference over time. martha: thank you very much. good to see you. bill: the u.s. military carries out the most successful hit yet on a terrorist group. general jack keene will tell us how significant next. martha: sportscaster aaron in cruise's hotels stalking case comes to a stunning end. hal much of that settlement will she actually get? hair, strands always break off. but now, pantene is making my... practically unbreakable. the new pro-v formula micro-targets weak spots... ...making every inch stronger so i can love my hair longer. pantene. strong is beautiful. get even faster results with pantene expert, our most... ...intensely concentrated pro-v formula.
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7:23 am
if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. martha: air strikes killed 150 al shabaab fighters. both manned and unmanned aircraft use in that michigan -- mission. stevens department says they
7:24 am
were ready for a long scale attack on u.s. and african forces. general jack keene, chairman of the institute for study of war and a fox news military analyst, good day, welcome back. this is the group that has been a lot of concern lately. what does this represent or indicate to you? >> intelligence was extraordinarily good. it has been reported somalian, and service cooperating with our folks to locate this target, i am sure resurveyed it for days until we found the most opportune time to inflict maximum casualties and reportedly supposedly there was a ceremony going on, gathering people to a central location. it is a successful operation, very different than operations we have conducted in the past in africa which have been largely against terrorist organizations's leadership. this is the rank-and-file,
7:25 am
leaders who are difficult to replace. it is dairy successful. bill: we were watching it from the air and on the ground as well. this is a group that has terrorized parts of kenya. has their reach been much more beyond that? >> no. what they are seeking is a combination of the state of somalia because somalia has allies who are pressuring them. they work against them. the attack in 2013 in nairobi at the high end shopping mall that killed 47. in 2015 they went back to university and tragically killed 160 plus, prioritizing christians first. local and regional operational is what they are. they do not have capability to transport that out of the region all vote every al qaeda or isis of iliad has that as the goal but most don't have resources to
7:26 am
do that. bill: there was a threat from pieces, different groups saying threats, what do you make of that? >> this reminds me of what was taking place before the attacks in paris. the word the intel community used, everything is blinking red, something bad is going to happen, but they could not determine that specificity of it to be able to stop it. what is taking place is the likelihood that there is some plan to conduct a terrorist attack in london or in the u.k.. the good news is that the u.k. has one of the best domestic intelligence services in the world. this is what they call mi and i know they're all over it. as are all of the intel agencies including the united states cooperating in this, cooperation among intel agencies in europe with the united states is quite extraordinary.
7:27 am
they are working this as hard as it can be and hopefully they will get a threat that will lead something to stop the operation. bill: based on what you hear -- >> isis has advertised and this. inert target is more europe and the united states. they want to have the apocalyptic event to divide the world between muslims and non muslims and start a war and all that. france is a major target for the manned the u.k. is the other target. that is speculation but that is probably likely. bill: two topics very much related. thank you for your time. >> good to talk to you as always. martha: the marco rubio camp blasting a report that his own advisors want him to quit as they approach the all-important state of florida. his campaign is here to respond to that coming up next. >> it always comes to florida
7:28 am
because this state symbolizes everything's that makes this country so special indeed unique. people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:31 am
>> an underdog, i acknowledge that but i feel good about the progress we are making every day and feel optimistic about it. i have been here before. i have been an underdog before. >> turning point is coming in this election and for this country and it begins here in a florida the week from tomorrow. >> before we get to tomorrow barista day. marco rubio facing eyewall in florida, donald trump leading in polling. the marco rubio team pushing back against the record that some advisers want him to get out of the race even before florida. a spokeswoman for the marco rubio team, good morning to you. you guys were scrambling last night when this report came out of cnn and it is rubbish. it is garbage who is putting it out?
7:32 am
>> it is totally false and completely reckless of cnn to do that without reaching out to the campaign. you at fox would never do that and go to air with something just wrong. i don't know who is pushing it out but i can tell you ted cruz, they are scared marco rubio is going to win florida. the same type of nonsense against ben carson when there were false reports he was dropping out of the race. it is unfortunate this camp is willing to say or do anything to get elected. bill: the point is marco rubio is staying in. >> totally. we are not going anywhere. marco is hitting the ground running in florida. you want to go to any of his events putin he has won as an underdog before, won again someone similar to donald trump and that is charlie crist, he beat him, exposed has a false
7:33 am
conservative. bill: charlie crist is not on the ballot but i'm curious what happened last week. puerto rico, 22 delegates, other states it seems like he is losing altitude. what is happening? >> in virginia donald trump was supposed to beat us by double digits and he didn't. voters in our way were focused on florida right now and very confident we are going to do well there and win in florida and coming at that we have a more favorable napa. ted cruz with the best night of his campaign on supertuesday, supposed to win all those states and didn't so we have a marketable matt going forward. bill: a few more than marco rubio. >> there are not many moving forward. para more states like virginia, florida, minnesota, marco is going to shy and coming out of florida after a win we will have
7:34 am
more momentum and more money on our side. bill: the question is the threshold. if you don't get to a certain percentage you don't get delegates and marco rubio field in texas and alabama, louisiana, to get any delegates from those states. i ask you again, why is he losing altitude? >> we think we will gain momentum, we are confident that if he keeps exposing donald trump as a con artist and false conservative we will do well and sycamore voters and right now no one is close to him 1237 needed to lock in this nomination so we have a long way to go, he is not going anywhere. bill: here is mitt romney on the air in florida. >> these are critical times that demand a serious, thoughtful commander-in-chief. if republicans were to choose donald trump as our nominee, i'd leave the prospects for estate and prosperous future would be greatly diminished.
7:35 am
i am convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. bill: is there proof that mitt romney's appeal five days old is helping marco rubio? >> i think anything anyone can do to point out that donald trump is not a person who should lead the party of lincoln and reagan into the future in to it good thing. he said he would do this for other candidates if asked but we need to keep reminding people donald trump is not the leader of the conservative party needs. marco rubio is that leader and we will continue to shine. we are looking forward to a great debate on thursday and continuing into florida to bring home a winner on his home turf. the bill: early voting underway in florida. thank you. thanks for your time. martha: top u.s. general lead the fight against terror in africa testifying before the
7:36 am
senate armed services committee. the hearing comes just as the pentagon announces a major win for u.s. forces in somalia. national security correspondent jennifer griffin jones us why in the pentagon. what do we expect to hear today? >> reporter: as we heard from the air force chief the threats have increased and in africa in particular as general jack king mentioned the pentagon announced yesterday it conducted the largest air strikes in somalia against al shabaab fighters at a training camp 120 miles north of the capital. we just learned of the strike killed and 150 fighters who were gathered for a graduation ceremony. the strike included manned aircraft and drones. today marks the last appearance for general lloyd austin,
7:37 am
commander of u.s. central command and general rodriguez of africa. general austin made news admitting only four of five u.s. train syrian fighters remain in the fight against isis. since that time isis has expanded to libya doubling in size from a year ago. hillary clinton admitted last night that she regrets how things turned out in libya. >> what has happened is regrettable. it is fair to say if there had not been that intervention to go after gaddafi, we would be looking at something much more resembling syria than what we face in libya. >> reporter: someone argue libya is the next syria. it has the attention of top commanders at the pentagon. martha: interesting exchange. we are hearing about another ballistic missile launch in iran. what is that about? >> very serious these images
7:38 am
appeared on iranian television. sources tell me the missiles have a maximum range of 250 miles, far shorter from the launch we reported late last year regarding november launch of a ballistic missile with a 1200 mile range all in all of that 1200 range being in the range of u.s. forces in the middle east and is real. >> some of the behavior we have seen is certainly not the behavior you would expect to see from a nation that wants to be taken seriously as a respected member of the international community. we will keep a close eye on iran going forward. >> reporter: the national security council at the white house has insisted and about iran's ballistic missile launch. if it is confirmed they will take this up with the u.s. security council. martha: thank you very much. bill: peyton manning has blocked off the football field for the
7:39 am
final time. >> players who are more talented, there was no one who could prepare and because of that i have no regrets. there is a scripture reading i have fought the good fight and finish the race and kept the faith. i fought a good fight, finished my football race and after 18 years is time. bill: the first to leave two teams with the super bowl victory. about ten years ago, just a few weeks ago with denver. peyton manning comes from one of football's royal families, the son of archie manning and brother of the giants' quarterback eli manning. he talked about what he will now miss most. >> on fridays i will miss picking out game balls with my equipment guys and broadcast crews before the game and afterwards i will miss recaping the game with my dad. checking to see if the giants
7:40 am
won. telling eli. bill: he retires the nfl's all-time leading passing yards. touchdowns. he tried. good man. martha: happy that he won, nice way to finish his career and i love listening to other players talk about how inspiring he has been, the great leader he is. that is what it is all about. i heard him asked about how he wanted to be remembered, he said as a good team mate. i want people to be glad i led the team. and bill: he will play golf with two of his brothers, those three on the golf course will compete more than anyone you have seen. good luck. martha: maybe they need a fourth. bill: hey, guys, saturday and sunday, no primary this weekend.
7:41 am
martha: there is a primary tonight. donald trump and bernie sanders. what is it about those two candidates that have gotten voters so fired up in this connection? we will talk about that. bill: the cops are after you. >> i think it is on scooby. >> blue and white, 70.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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7:44 am
bill: high-speed chase in the scooby do then. the woman smashing into cars, reaching speeds of 100 miles an hour. i did not know that then could go that fast is here as part of the 911 call. >> teal green, dodge caravan, kent splattered on the side.
7:45 am
it is supposed to be the mystery machine from scooby do. bill: wanted for probation violation, she is yet to be found. she is looking for a scooby snack. martha: would have worked too if not for those meddling kids. back to politics, the success of donald trump and bernie sanders catching many establishment republicans and democrats completely by surprise. both candidates have tapped into the frustration of american voters. your is bernie sanders on health care. >> i do not want to continue to see one out of five americans not being able to afford prescription drugs their doctors prescribe, elderly people cut their skills in half, i don't want to see at the same time the three major drug companies make
7:46 am
$45 billion in profits. >> listen to what republican front runner has to say about universal health care. >> i am not going to have if i am president people dying in the street because they can't afford health plans, much less than obamacare. you can have people that can't afford anything, people won't be dying on the sidewalks if i am president. martha: both of those comments got a lot of attention and reflective of both things these candidates have been saying. former white house political director for george w. bush, and the executive director of the accountability project. good to have both of you care. when you look at the things those candidates talk about, donald trump and barry sanders who have turned this whole thing on its head, talk about infrastructure, potholes, wall street is the bad guy, you can't give up the mandate for obamacare, donald trump, don't want people in the streets,
7:47 am
similar sum what message the different plans, we need to make clear from the sanders side. is interesting to you that the crossover on several topics? >> hi have gotten to the battleground states and in new hampshire i turned on the tv in the hotel room and the ads started and i couldn't tell whether it was going to be for a bernie sanders or donald trump. their messageing start similar, is grim, it is greta, you haven't had your race, your wages increased, worried about your future economic prospects, the future of your kids. you look overseas and everyone seems to be messing with america whether it is mexico or china or these terrorists. they go in different ways that they start the same appeal and they are speaking to regular americans who are angst ridden. martha: tapping into a vein in this country that is very upset.
7:48 am
>> the economy has gotten better, no doubt about it. we are not where we were in 2008 but big business has been that industry profiting off of it. every day americans are hurting more than ever. the wage inequality is shocking, 1929 wage differences, everyday americans are not part of the political process, not part of the government process. to have two candidates with a populist message and speaking to that and not saying things like we have to work with the other side or we can't shocked the industry too much too upset business, people don't like to hear that. martha: a big difference between the candidates, bernie sanders wants to give away, every college, free health care, all of that stuff which taxpayers are the ones who will pay more for in the end and you have donald from saying he wants to bring business back to the
7:49 am
united states and that is the core of what he said. i don't know if tucker carlsson was on the force said this is exactly what the republican party deserves, what they are getting because they didn't listen to the fact that people care about their borders, care about job loss, care about people who felt left out and the republican party wasn't listening to some. >> that is right. we talked about this in the past, what the republican party has done as a strategy is try to listen to people during elections but when they get into office they don't necessarily implement what the people are telling them and the message we're getting clearly is we are serious this time. the government is too big, too intrusive, spends too much money and we have to be more focused on our economy. i disagree about the state of the economy. i don't think for regular folks they happen seen their incomes rise, their economic prospects, they don't see that so tucker has this one's on right. martha: in terms of the economy it will be a tough argument for
7:50 am
democrats to make that the economy has recovered over the last eight years and they should keep doing that. >> wall street has recovered and that is good for the american economy and competition overseas but when you look at the average person wages are lower than ever. they haven't gone up with inflation. the debate in the democratic party, $12 minimum wage per hour versus $15 an hour. nobody i know in the real world in 2016 can survive on $15 an hour. we have to be real about that. martha: both of these guys are juicing turn out in a big way, not getting the big turnout the arsine but having an impact on it. fascinating to watch. thank you so much. bill: jenna lee is coming up. >> what are the key things to watch? we will go over that. the anyone but donald trump campaign advertising in a growing chorus for some republicans but is it effective?
7:51 am
who is benefiting? as we know, michael bloomberg is out for good. we will ask his advisers. bill: erin andrews's stalking case comes to an end. how much of that multimillion dollar settlement will she received? by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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7:54 am
bill: jury awarding erin andrews $50 million in damages for the video shot through the peephole in her hotel room and posted on line. laura ingraham joins us, how did the jury breakdown of $55 million award? >> reporter: jurors held a hotel operator and software accountable in a 50/50 split. >> damages for the plaintiffs, erin andrews, $55 million,
7:55 am
correct? extrapolated that turns out to be a judgment against mr. baer for $20 million, $208 million, and $500 against $26,750,000. >> reporter: winter capital operates the marriott at vanderbilt. her stalker was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to 2-1/2 years in prison after admitting he told hotel staff to book a room next to hers and videotaped her nude. the hotel's failure to protect her has left her with permanent emotional distress and ongoing embarrassment, was negligent when it granted her request for room next door to hers. after the jury's decision andrews said understocking survivors's support helped her stand against and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone's security and privacy. bill: do the electorate saying
7:56 am
she would get the money? >> reporter: very unlikely she will see the entire amount any time soon. andrews's soccer is known as judgment proof, someone who's ordered to pay a court did damages but lacks the financial wherewithal to do so. the hotel chain could pursue a motion for a new trial or try to get that amount reduced and if the appeal is filed a process could take many months if not years to play out. martha: there are four states at play today including the big five for republicans, the state of michigan. a live report from detroit coming up ahead. hi, i'm matt mccoy.
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:00 am
didn't know how long she'd been around the tree. >> let this play out a little bit here. that's as far as it goes. driving while. >> somewhere there's a tree missing from someone's front yard purple no one was hurt in the making of this video. we will see you tonight everybody. >> . jenna: voters making their choices in key states day with michigan the biggest prize were republicans but i'm jenna lee. hope you're off to a great start so far. >> i'm eric shawn in for jon scott purple voters head to the polls in four states for the republicans, to for the democrats there's a lot at stake in the delegate rich state of michigan. that's the first industrial state to hold a primary this election year. front-runner donald trump and hillary clinton both with tangible leads


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